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Irina Frasin


Programme of the Second Editon. 2019

1st of November 2019


9 – 9:30 — Registration of participants

9:30 – 10 — Official opening

10 – 11:45 — Section I – Chair: Alina Simona Rusu

  • Codrin Dinu Vasiliu — Constituting Anthrozoology as an Autonomous Science of the Relations between Humans and Animals
  • Emilian Mihailov — Humanity without Species
  • Cătălina Daniela Răducu — Vulnerability and Control: Women and Other Animals in the Domestic Sphere

11:45 – 12 – Coffee break

12 – 14 — Section II – Chair: Irina Frasin

  • Alina Simona Rusu — Compassion Fatigue and Moral Distress in Human — Animal Interactions. Psychological and Educational Approaches
  • Marco Adda — Reframing Free — Ranging Dogs for a Multispecies Landscape. A Paradigm Shift on an Essential Piece of Human — Animal Coexistence
  • Corneliu Gașpar, Ailincăi Luminița-Iuliana — On the Social Intraspecific Behaviour of Dogs

14 – 15:30 — Lunch break

15:30 – 16: 30 — Section III – Chair: Luminița-Iuliana Ailincăi

  • Anna Lyubomirova Arnaudova – Otouzbirova — Animal Helpers in the Native American Universe
  • Adina Hulubaș — The Swallow as a House Deity

16:30 – 16:45 — Coffee break

16:45 – 18 — Section IV – Chair: Lavinia Andreea Codrea

  • Ludmila Bacumenco –Pîrnău, Luminița Bejenaru, George Bilavschi, Cătălin Hriban, Sever Boțan — The Impact of Modern Urban Development on the Wild Fauna. A Significant Archeological Find from the City of Iași (Romania)
  • Luminița Bejenaru, Margareta Simina Stanc, Ludmila Bacumenco – Pîrnău, Vlad Vornic — Zooarchaeology of Two Mongol Cities (Golden Horde, 14th Century) from Old Orhei and Costești (Republic of Moldova)
  • Cătălin Hriban — The Bestiary of Resurrection. Remarks on the Visuals of the Last Judgement in the 16th-century Moldavian Church Painting
  • George Bodi, Loredana Solcan — The Attitude Towards Cattle in Ancient Texts. An Automatic Sentiment Analysis


2nd of November 2019


9 – 11 — Section V – Chair: Cătălina Daniela Răducu

  • Carmen Strungaru — Humanimal — Between Pride and Prejudice
  • Aurora Hrițuleac — Anthropocentric Arrogance from A Neuroscientific Perspective
  • Liviu Măgurianu, Daniel Măgurianu — Emotion in Animal Life

11 – 11:15 — Coffee break

11:15 – 13:15 – Section VI – Chair: Aurora Hrițuleac

  • Irina Frasin — Animals, Pets and Morality: Our Companion Animals and the Moral Duties to Them
  • Lavinia Andreea Codrea — The European Protection of Companion Animals – or Lack Thereof
  • Corneliu Gașpar, Luminița-Iuliana Ailincăi — General Principle and Legislation on Animal Protection
  • Corneliu Gașpar, Oana Raluca Rusu, Luminița-Iuliana Ailincăi — General Principles and Legislation on Animal Welfare

13:15 – 15 – Lunch break

15 – 16:30 – Book Launch: Frans de Waal, „Suntem îndeajuns de inteligenți pentru a înțelege inteligența animalelor?” (Are We Smart Enough to Know How Smart Animals Are?), translation by Carmen Strungaru, Humanitas

  • Exhibition hosted by the Palace of Culture from Iași: BEASTS AND FANTASTIC ANIMALS. Representations from Prehistory to the Middle Ages.
2019 POSTER second edition

Organizing Board

  • Irina Frasin, “Gh. Zane” ISER
  • George Bodi, Institute of Archaeology
  • Alina Simona Rusu, “Babes-Bolyai” University, Cluj-Napoca
  • Luminița Bejenaru, “Al. I. Cuza” University, Iasi and “Olga Necrasov” Center of Anthropological Research
  • Codrin Dinu-Vasiliu, “Gh. Zane” ISER
  • Aurora Hrițuleac, “Gh. Zane” ISER
  • Cătălina Daniela Răducu, “Gh. Zane” ISER
  • Liviu Măgurianu, “Gh. Zane” ISER
  • Senica Țurcanu, History Museum of the „Moldova” National Museum Complex
  • Corneliu Gașpar, “Ion Ionescu de la Brad” University of Agricultural Studies and Veterinary Medicine, Iași
  • Luminița-Iuliana Ailincăi, “Ion Ionescu de la Brad” University of Agricultural Studies and Veterinary Medicine, Iași
  • Ioan Sebastian Bruma, “Gh. Zane” ISER
  • Lucian Tănase, “Gh. Zane” ISER


  • Gh. Zane Institute of Social and Economic Research
    Romanian Academy, Iași Branch
  • Faculty of Biology
    Al. I. Cuza University of Iași
  • Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences
    Babeș-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca
  • Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
    Ion Ionescu de la Brad University
    of Agricultural Studies and Veterinary Medicine, Iași
  • Moldavia’s History Museum
    “Moldova” National Museum Complex
  • Rural Development Research Platform

Conference Materials