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Irina Frasin


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Moral Obligations. Animal Rights

Workshop, Iași city, June 19,  2020, 16.00

Our interaction with the other animals is conditioned by our anthropocentric limits of understanding humanity and our responsibility towards animals, conceptual frames which determine, in terms of socioeconomics, our relationship with everything that is alive, and our wish to build a better world in the only world we have and share with other beings. We realize that our continuous development is at a fast pace which is no longer sustainable. We have also come to understand that the exceeding exploitation of the other animals and natural environment is less and less effective and comes at high costs. Furthermore, we are starting to discover the intrinsic value of nature and other animals which not so far ago was regarded as merely instrumental. The present workshop proposes a debate on the subject of respect towards nature and environment, rights for the other animals, and our moral obligations towards them. We can see that the animal advocacy has taken baby steps in reforming the exploitation system of the non-human animals. However, the core idea, according to which it is morally acceptable to exploit the other animals, has remained unchanged.  This the reason why, philosophers and activists have tried to reformulate our theories for highlighting the contradiction of this type of exploitation. There are more possible viewpoints such as the welfare view, ecologist perspective, or animal rights’ point of view. The discussions of this meeting will focus on the possible answers to the appeal of ceasing the exploitation of other animals, and hopefully achieving it under fairly accurate parameters. The workshop will be held online and address both members of the research team and all colleagues interested in this subject. For participation details, please use the following contact  email: Workshop held within the project – Ethics and the Non-Human World. Ethical Fundamentals for Rethinking the Human-Nature Relationship, GAR-UM-2019-XII-3.1-9 Irina Frasin, R2 (Recognized Researcher): House photo created by freepik –” target=”_blank”>Foto Cred